Personas and Journey Maps for Outdoor Engagement

Synthesizing our work and segmenting our user base for our intervention study

After logging our initial interviews and parsing data from our diary studies, we created the following user personas and journey maps to better segment our target audience:

Personas (Inspired by Vincent Nicandro’s template; artwork from

We further analyzed some of these personas through the creation of journey maps:

After individually constructing personas and journey maps based on our user interviews, we came together as a team and noticed a few overlapping trends. As such, we decided to focus on three personas for our intervention:

  • Work-from-home-aholic 👩‍💻; Users who work a 9-to-5 job in front of a computer. These users can’t step away from the computer for long stretches but still want stretch breaks or no-tech-time. They might want to spend more time outside but forget to schedule it in.
  • Fresh air fiend 💨🧘‍♀️; Users who see the outdoors not as an active space, but a passive means by which to maintain their physical and mental health.
  • Social wanderer/crunchy wanderer 👯‍♂️; Users who are motivated to go outside by spending time with friends outdoors. These users also enjoy all the benefits of getting fresh air (mental health benefits and clarity)

Article, Personas, and Journey Maps by Team Refresh: Isha Kumar, Rose Li, Jenny Han, and Katherine Gjertsen

Article format inspired by “Daydrinkers” medium post

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