An explorable explainer that works to demonstrate the benefits of having a pet during a time of intense isolation

I. The Research That Inspired Our Problem Statement

During our initial exploration, we worked to define our problem space through interviewing people about their experience with pets and researching the benefits of pet ownership. We interviewed pet owners to learn more about their experience of caring for a pet. We also explored secondary research in the form of…

Final reflection on designing Playground for CS 247b: Design for Behavior Change

Before this class, I thought

that I could understand certain behaviors well enough to immediately begin brainstorming solutions. Our project focused on encouraging users to go outside more often. When we decided on our problem space, I thought I go outside every day, I should know how to find a solution. However, after completing an…

Designing for behavior change: encouraging people to spend more time outside

Introduction and Background

We Are

Isha Kumar, Rose Li , Katherine Gjertsen (me), & Jenny Han and we made Playground for mobile

Our Goal

is for you to (safely) go outside more often

We Did This By

Researching, Interviewing, Analyzing, Brainstorming, Iterating, Designing, and Prototyping to create a platform that encourages users to spend more time outside

I. Problem and User Research

Baseline diary study

To understand our problem…

Using site maps, task flows, and sketchy screens to further explore the activity suggestion feature

Converging on an overall vision 🌀

After each of our team members designed individual wireflows, we began the next step of converging on an overall vision with collaborative site-mapping. We stepped through each point of user interaction with our platform and created the following site map as a team:

Collaborative site-map for the creation of an overall vision

Identifying our tasks 🔍

The site map provided our team the…

Using storyboards and wireflows to continue iterating on methods to increase the motivation to go outside

After completing our brainstorming session, our team decided to develop a prototype that focuses on leveraging social motivation to go outside and enabling greater transparency around tracking users’ “progress.”

In order to further understand our users’ motivations, we decided to create storyboards and wireflows that focused on the prototype goal…

Learnings from our intervention study

You can read our full writeup on the intervention study we conducted here, but to quickly reiterate a couple of the main takeaways which informed our current direction:

  • How much time am I spending outside? Despite the daily nudges and chatbot logging, participants still felt like they didn’t have a…

Katherine Gjertsen

stanford symsys & hci

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